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Special advisors

David Freeman, Senior advisor

S. David Freeman is a senior advisor with Friends of the Earth’s nuclear campaign. He has more than four decades of experience directing federal, regional and local energy policies. He was appointed chairman of the Tennessee Valley Authority by Jimmy Carter in 1977, where he stopped the construction of eight large nuclear power plants and pioneered a massive energy conservation program. Subsequently, David served for two decades as general manager of several large public power agencies including the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, the New York Power Authority and the Sacramento Municipal Utility District. David is a renowned expert on clean energy, efficiency and the risks of nuclear power. He holds a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Georgia Tech, and an L.L.B. from the University of Tennessee. He wrote Energy: The New Era in 1974, and Winning Our Energy Independence: An Energy Insider Shows How in 2007.

Campaign consultants

Fred Felleman, Northwest consultant

Fred Felleman is a longtime maritime activist and whale biologist who is leading our work in the Pacific Northwest to reduce the significant air and water pollution and harm to marine mammals caused by the shipping industry in Puget Sound, the Salish Sea and the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary. He currently serves on the Puget Sound Harbor Safety Committee, the Puget Sound Partnership Oil Spill Advisory Committee and the Strait of Juan de Fuca Regional Network. Fred holds an M.S. from the University of Washington’s College of Ocean and Fisheries Sciences.

Ian Illuminato, Health and environment consultant

Ian's work focuses on protecting people and the environment from threats posed by nanotechnology. He has worked for Greenpeace Italy, Greenpeace International, and the United Nations Environmental Program in Italy and has extensive experience monitoring the impact of technological change on the environment. At Greenpeace he helped lead an international movement against genetically engineered crops in Europe and the Middle East. He persuaded Europe's largest rice company to stop importing American rice to keep its stock GM-free. He also works closely with the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics to remove toxins from beauty products. He has authored reports including, “Nano and biocidal silver: extreme germ killers present a growing threat to public health” and “Nanotechnology, climate and energy: over-heated promises and hot air?” His writing has appeared in publications including the Journal of Nanoparticle Research and the European Journal of Oncology. He has also appeared in numerous media outlets including the New York Times, Scientific American, Business Week and Reuters. He has also served on the Executive Committee of Friends of the Earth International. Ian has a B.A. degree in Human Ecology from the College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, Maine.

Bill Walker, Press consultant

Bill Walker has deep experience and skills from both sides of the line between journalism and activism. His first career was as an award-winning reporter for major metro dailies including The Denver Post and The Sacramento Bee. Deciding he wanted to help make change rather than just write about it, he joined the environmental movement as a media strategist for Greenpeace, coordinating news coverage for dozens of non-violent direct actions. He was an early leader of The Ruckus Society, which has trained hundreds of activists in the skills of non-violent protest. After gaining experience in electoral politics with the California League of Conservation Voters, he opened and ran the West Coast office of the Environmental Working Group, which pioneered the use of sophisticated data analysis of issues ranging from toxic chemicals in consumer products to agricultural policy. He is now a communications and campaign consultant to a organiations including Friends of the Earth, The Story of Stuff and Human Impact Partners


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