Nursery commitments

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Retailer Number and location of stores Policy statement
Bachman's 21 locations, Minnesota

Eliminated the use of neonicotinoids for their own nursery stock and outdoor plants. Removed products containing neonicotinoids from their store shelves and provide recommendations for alternatives to customers. The store is contacting its garden plant suppliers as well, to encourage them to discontinue the use of neonicotinoids. Moving forward, Bachman’s is focusing on raising awareness about pollinator preservation, providing education and training about plant issues, expanding pollinator natural habitat on their property and encouraging others to do the same.

Policy statement here.

The Behnke Nurseries Co. 3 locations, Maryland

Pledges to: 1) Never apply neonicotinoid pesticides to plants on the Behnke property, either in ground or in pots; 2) Recommend use of least-toxic effective remedies; and 3) discontinue sales of all neonicotinoid-containing products.

Policy statement here.

Berkeley Horticultural Nursery 1 location, California

Eliminated neonicotinoids from the store. All of its California Certified Organic plants are neonic-free, including any plants from its vegetable and herb tables. It does not sell any treatments that contain neonicotinoids, although other plants may contain these chemicals.

Policy statement here.

BJ's Wholesale Club 200+ locations, 15 states

Requires all vendors to disclose the use of any neonicotinoids in nursery or plant-able products (i.e. blueberry bushes, tulip bulbs).

Requires any vendors using neonicotinoids in nursery or bedding plants to submit plan/process used to protect bees when using neonicotinoids (i.e. timing, segregation, etc.)

Asks all vendors to be out of neoticotinoid plants by the end of this year and/or will include a label that states “treated with neonicotinoids, use caution around pollinators.”

Policy statement here.

Ecoscape Environmental Design, LLC 1 location, Colorado

Does not use neonicotinoids in any of its garden practices and has pledged to never use them.

Policy statement coming soon.

Garden Fever! 1 location, Oregon

Does not carry products containing neonicotinoids, and labels neonicotinoid-free plants.

Policy statement here.

Gerten's 2 locations, Minnesota

Does not use neonicotinoids on any bedding plants or on seeds for plants the store grows. The store does apply neonicotinoids to larger plants and hanging baskets and does not guarantee that starter plugs or cutters being supplied from other locations have not been pre-treated with neonicotinoids.

Policy statement here.

Harlequin's 1 location, Colorado

Will never use neonicotinoids on plants or sell any neonic pesticides in any form. Will make every effort to buy plants from wholesalers who do not use neonics.

Policy statement here.

Produce Denver 1 location, Colorado

Only uses organic methods for pest control and tries their best to not buy treated plants, as they are an edible landscaping company.

Policy statement here.

Timberline Gardens, Inc. 1 location, Colorado

Does not use neonicotinoids in any of its garden practices and has pledged to never use them.

Policy statement here.

Urban Farm Company of Colorado

1 location, Colorado

Will never use neonicotinoids on plants and will make every effort to buy plants from wholesalers who do not use neonicotinoids.

Policy statement here.

Wholesale nursery commitments

Nursery Number and location of nurseries Policy statement
Cavano's Perennials Inc. 2 locations, Maryland

Discontinued use of all neonicotinoid pesticides on growing operations.

Policy statement here.

Cedarglen Floral Company 1 location, Oregon

Does not use neonicotinoids in spray form, as a soil drench, and does not buy seeds treated with these chemicals. Instead, uses beneficial insects and a balanced IPM approach to control pests. When the threshold approaches their documented level, they will use synthetic and natural pesticides which are OMRI listed, and which have a low impact on beneficial insects.

Policy statement here.

North Creek Nurseries 1 location, Pennsylvania

Does not use neonicotinoids in any form.

Policy statement here.

Sandy's Plants 1 location, Virginia

Will stop using neonicotinoid products under moratorium in Europe and proposed to be banned in the Saving America's Pollinators Act of 2013 (H.R. 2692) by the end of 2014. If use of one of those products is necessitated, Sandy's Plants will label plants as a warning to consumers.

Policy statement here.

Suncrest Nurseries Inc Supplier to California retail nurseries and garden centers

Will stop using neonicotinoids altogether as of July 1, 2014.

Policy statement here.

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