Kroger social media tsunami against genetically engineered seafood!

Last month, 27,000 people sent letters to Kroger, asking it to join national grocers like Target and Giant Eagle in committing to keep genetically engineered seafood off their shelves by joining the Campaign for GE-Free Seafood.

People spoke out loud and clear, but Kroger only weakly responded on its Facebook page that it has “no intention” to sell genetically engineered salmon. Without a clear commitment to keep this and other genetically engineered seafood off its shelves, Kroger could still carry this unlabeled “frankenfish” once the FDA approves it. 

Join us on Facebook and Twitter to create a tsunami of messages that will publicly pressure this industry leader to commit to GE-free seafood.

Step 1: Post any of these messages on Kroger’s Facebook page:

I don’t want genetically engineered fish in my local Kroger store. It’s time to make a firm commitment not to sell GE seafood.

Whole Foods, Target and Trader Joe’s have all signed the petition against genetically engineered foods. What are you waiting for? It’s time to make a firm commitment not to sell GE seafood.

Frankenfish? We don’t like that species. Follow in the footsteps of Whole Foods, Target and Trader Joe’s and keep genetically engineered seafood off your shelves.

Step 2: Click on any of these tweets to tweet them at Kroger’s Twitter page:

-      Tell @Kroger 91% of Americans don’t want GE fish in the market or on their plates! #GEfreeseafood @foe_us 

-      FDA nearing approval of GE salmon - tell @Kroger to sign the Pledge for #GEfreeseafood today! @foe_us

-      .@Kroger: You’re falling behind Target, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods—Join 4,400 stores & say no GE seafood! @foe_us 

You can also tweet at you favorite Kroger banner store and let them know you do not want any genetically engineered seafood at their seafood counters!:

Step 3: Share this image on your own Facebook page to get your friends involved:

Don’t have a Facebook or Twitter account? Give Kroger a call. 

Customer service: 1-800-576-4377,

Sample script:  

Hi, my name is ___________and I am calling to urge Kroger to commit to not to sell genetically engineered salmon and other genetically engineered seafood. It poses risks to wild salmon, our health and environment and won’t be labeled -- so I wouldn’t be able to  make an informed choice.

Will Kroger make a firm commitment to not sell genetically engineered salmon and other seafood if it’s approved by the FDA?

Thank you


You can also send them an email through their website here.

Now that you have taken action, please use the email form below to pass the word on to your family and friends and ask them to take action by posting on Kroger’s Facebook page or Twitter. 

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