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Help us fight new nukes in the U.S.

Posted Nov. 18, 2008 / Posted by: RConnors

Nuclear PlantsFor the first time in decades, the nuclear power industry is considering building new nuclear reactors in the United States. They claim that nuclear power is a solution to global warming, but that’s just not true. Indeed, nuclear power costs too much, takes too long, and is too risky when better alternatives are available.

Private markets won't provide the funds for new reactor construction because nuclear power is too expensive and financially risky, so the industry is working to get taxpayers to foot the bill through a loan guarantee program that its allies in Congress are trying to insert into various pieces of legislation. Industry executives have admitted that without these loan guarantees, there will be no more nukes. Friends of the Earth is fighting to keep these loan guarantees out legislation. Will you join us?

Watch our Interactive Video: Don't Buy the Big Nuclear Lie!

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