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House narrowly approves special interest energy bill Statement of Sara Zdeb, legislative director

Posted Nov. 4, 2008 / Posted by: admin

The House of Representatives today passed an anti-environmental energy bill by a 212-210 margin after holding the vote open nearly an hour past the time allowed.  Below is a statement by Sara Zdeb, Friends of the Earth’s legislative director:


“Only after an abuse of power that has become all too regular in this Congress were Republican leaders able to pass this bonanza of special interest giveaways.  The depths to which Republican leaders sunk to pass today’s energy bill speaks volumes about its flaws. 


America needs a new energy policy, but today’s legislation is nothing more than a grab bag of special interest giveaways.  It won’t help consumers struggling with high gasoline and heating bills, but it will line the pockets of the big oil companies who are already reaping record profits at the expense of ordinary Americans. 


“The bill rolls back the clock on environmental protection, weakening critical clean air standards that protect millions of Americans from air pollution.  Every single Democrat—and a handful of brave Republicans—realized that.  Unfortunately, leadership was able to twist enough arms to muscle it through.” 

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