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Posted Nov. 7, 2008 / Posted by: admin

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The G8 Summit in July is likely to fail to produce a tough new agreement to stop global warming, according to an analysis of new documents by Friends of the Earth-U.S., the Washington-based environmental organization. In a leaked draft of the latest version of the global warming communiqué, summit negotiators have deleted proposals to fund research, and even call into question scientists’ warnings that global climate change is already under way, echoing the stance of the Bush administration. This draft also backs the use of nuclear power.

"This latest draft is a tragedy in the making,” said Brent Blackwelder, President of Friends of the Earth—U.S. “Every reference to the urgency of action or the need for real cuts in emissions has been deleted or challenged. Failure to act quickly threatens the lives of hundreds of millions of human beings who will suffer from droughts, floods, hurricanes, and extreme weather events as a result of global warming. The refusal by Bush’s climate negotiators to accept the science about global climate change and the need for immediate action to reduce emissions shows how beholden the White House is to the oil lobby.”

Friends of the Earth – U.S. is calling on other nations to take concrete actions to force the Bush administration to change course by placing border tax adjustments and other trade measures on products made in the U.S. by energy inefficient industries.

“It’s time for other countries to hold the U.S. accountable for its refusal to join in international actions to combat climate change and reduce emissions,” said David Waskow, International Program Director at Friends of the Earth. 

Friends of the Earth's demands for the G8 meeting include:

* Reaching agreement on a statement that the compelling scientific evidence shows that climate change is already happening and that urgent action is now required to substantially reduce emissions.
* Setting specific, substantial and timetabled cuts in the G8’s domestic emissions of greenhouse gases.
* Taking radical actions domestically in order to reduce the impacts of climate change, including a change in consumption patterns and a meaningful switch to the use of renewable sustainable energy sources.
* Ending the promotion of fossil fuel extraction in developing nations through international financial institutions supported by the G8, such as the World Bank and export credit agencies.
* Phasing in substantial public financing in the G8 nations for sustainable clean energy.





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