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Nano banned from organic in Canada

May. 12, 2010 / Posted by: IIlluminato / Categories: Blog

Canada bans nanotechnology in organics US National Organic Standards Board still needs to define “nanotechnology” Canada has banned nanotechnology in organic food production. An amendment was added to Canada’s national organic ru...

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Short Sea Shipping and the Environment

May. 11, 2010 / Posted by: KTrout / Categories: Blog

Friends of the Earth is hosting a forum on short sea shipping, or regional shipping, at the David Brower Center in Berkeley, CA, on May 25, 2010. The forum addresses the potential environmental drawbacks and benefits associated with short sea ship...

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The 3rd Annual International NanoActivist NGO Summit

May. 7, 2010 / Posted by: RConnors / Categories: Blog

Last week Friends of the Earth and the International Center for Technology Assessment co-hosted the 3rd Annual International NanoActivist NGO Summit in our new Washington, DC office. The conference re-convened and expanded the base of interested p...

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Biofuels Also Create Dangerous Spills

May. 6, 2010 / Posted by: CDAngelo / Categories: Blog

With the recent oil rig catastrophe and subsequent spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the biofuels industry is claiming it produces a cleaner alternative. But biofuels can produce environmentally harmful spills as well. Biofuel spills, leaks and fires h...

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Cruise ship pollution: Charleston, South Carolina

May. 3, 2010 / Posted by: RConnors / Categories: Blog

Charleston, South Carolina is among a number of U.S. cities that have joined the fight against the rising tide of cruise ship pollution, after being informed by the South Carolina State Ports Authority that more than double the number of cruise sh...

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Bob Dinneen and the Ethanol Industry Ready to Rumble

Apr. 16, 2010 / Posted by: NBerning / Categories: Blog

It seems like we've panicked the dirty ethanol lobby -- and that's a good thing. Bob Dinneen, the president of the Renewable Fuels Association, mentioned us in an article he wrote for the May issue of Ethanol Producer magazine entitled “Let ...

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