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Broad coalition fighting to save Clean Air Act

Jan. 8, 2010 / Posted by: RConnors / Categories: Blog

The Clean Air Act -- the key federal tool that can cut the pollution that causes global warming -- is under attack. The 112th Congress is packed with new climate-science-denying Republicans. On their list of top priorities is attacking the Environ...

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Dec. 20, 2009 / Posted by: RConnors / Categories: Blog

You can learn more about international climate negotiations at these links: Read about the path to an international climate agreement.

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Copenhagen Day 9: Tuesday, December 15

Dec. 15, 2009 / Posted by: RConnors / Categories: Blog

We finally put together this amazing footage from the "flood" for climate justice that took place in Copenhagen on Saturday. Thousands of campaigners and activists from Friends of the Earth's international network joined with friends and supporter...

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Technology Assessment in Copenhagen

Dec. 11, 2009 / Posted by: IIlluminato / Categories: Blog

Our Health and Environment Campaigner, Ian Illuminato, will be joining the rest of our team in Copenhagen on December 13. Ian’s mandate during the negotiations will involve lobbying for stricter assessment of risky technologies, which are be...

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Copenhagen Day 5: Friday, December 11

Dec. 11, 2009 / Posted by: AKitlas / Categories: Blog

Day 5: Friday, December 11 A quiet day, considering the fervor of emotions from the beginning of the week. However, Kate was on Democracy Now with Amy Goodman to talk about what targets really mean and the climate debt we owe developing countries....

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Report from Copenhagen: Fourth Day of Negotiations

Dec. 11, 2009 / Posted by: RConnors / Categories: Blog

By Karen Orenstein (cross-posted from Open Left) Over the last day in Copenhagen, heated debates and surely thousands of conversations here in the conference center have focused on what the legal outcome of the climate negotiations should be -- an...

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