Hugh Grant, CEO, Monsanto Voted Biggest Biofool!

Posted Apr. 23, 2009 / Posted by: RConnors

Hugh GrantWith thousands of votes cast, this year's Biggest Biofool is Hugh Grant, CEO of Monsanto.

Grant has been a long-time supporter of biofuels, insisting, despite evidence to the contrary, that biofuels are good for the environment. In fact, biofuels production contributes to deforestation, biodiversity loss, water and air pollution, and increased greenhouse gas emissions.

For more information on biofuels, you can visit Friends of the Earth or Rainforest Action Network's biofuel pages.

While government officials won fewer votes than corporate CEOs, it is imperative that we remember that our government is there to represent us and that we need to hold elected officials accountable. These officials can and should regulate corporations and their practices, and limit giveaways of your tax dollars that encourage biofuels production.

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