Friends of the Earth staff report from international climate negotiations in Bangkok, Thailand

Posted Oct. 5, 2009 / Posted by: KTrout

International climate change negotiations are underway in Bangkok, Thailand, and two intrepid members of our international team at Friends of the Earth, Karen Orenstein and Kate Horner, are there to participate in and monitor the talks.

The Bangkok summit, which runs from September 28 – October 9, is one of the last major chances for climate negotiators to lay the groundwork for success at the UN Climate Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark this December, where a fair and effective international agreement to tackle the climate crisis is urgently needed. And they have a lot of work to do to get developed and developing countries on the same page at the negotiating table.

Karen and Kate are producing this video blog to keep you all informed about the day-to-day developments in Bangkok. Check out the videos below to hear about their trip and the issues at stake in Bangkok.

You can learn more about the international climate negotiations here.

You can also learn more about what happened in Bangkok here.

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