Copenhagen Day 1: Monday, December 7

Posted Dec. 7, 2009 / Posted by: AKitlas

Day 1: Monday, December 7

Nick provides a brief and clear overview of what's at stake -- from a scientific and social justice perspective -- in efforts to yield a solution to global climate change. Check it out here.

Save the climate now

We're already making news in Copenhagen. Friends of the Earth and other groups called out the Danish government for acting in a biased, manipulative and nontransparent manner as it presides over the UN climate conference. Danish leaders are holding secret meetings that exclude representatives from developing countries -- and then ignoring their demands!

In this picture from last night, Bund (the Friends of the Earth group in Germany) uses a "melting" mermaid ice sculpture to bring attention to the need for a just climate agreement, which must include ambitious and binding commitments by developed countries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. World leaders: don't sit back and let us melt away!

See the latest from the climate talks.

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