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Reclaim the UN from corporate capture! Send a letter to the UN Secretary General today.

Jun. 5, 2012 / Posted by: Ian Illuminato / Categories: Blog, Climate and Energy, Economics for the Earth, Food and Technology, Oceans and Forests / Tags: Ian illuminato

Friends of the Earth U.S. has today united with the many organizations that form our Friends of the Earth International Federation in order to send a strong message to the United Nations (UN) Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. We ask that you join us ...

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Why I'm going to Rio

May. 25, 2012 / Posted by: Ian Illuminato / Categories: Blog, Food and Technology / Tags: Climate, Ian illuminato

In just less than a month, social movements, civil society, Heads of State (accompanied by government delegations), the private sector, and many other groups and individuals from all around the world will gather in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In fact ...

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Stop Trump

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Tell Donald Trump not to appoint corporate cronies in our government.

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