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Carts before horses: Reflections on recent Green Climate Fund meeting in Korea

Jul. 15, 2013 / Posted by: Karen Orenstein / Categories: Advocacy, Blog, Climate and Energy, Economics for the Earth / Tags: Climate change, Climate finance, Ifc, Karen orenstein, World bank

For 2 weeks, I’ve been contemplating whether there is something new and exciting to say about the June board meeting of the Green Climate Fund in Korea. In short, the answer is -- not really. The GCF board continues to gloss over the foundat...

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Obama's "grand" climate plan: reflections from a policy wonk

Jun. 25, 2013 / Posted by: Michelle Chan / Categories: Blog, Climate and Energy, Economics for the Earth / Tags: Climate change, Climate finance, Coal to gasoline, Ethanol, Green scissors, Human rights, Michelle chan, Trade, Wall street

Today President Obama gave a much-anticipated climate change speech at Georgetown University. In true Obama fashion, the speech was pretty inspiring and sounded great; but dig a little deeper into the actual plan and you’ll start uncovering ...

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EPA report shows violation of federal airborne lead standards at two California airports, yet it continues to delay action

Jun. 25, 2013 / Posted by: Ellen Zhang / Categories: Blog, Climate and Energy, Legal / Tags: Air pollution, Marcie keever

It has been more than 16 years since the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency required the complete phase-out of lead in automobile gasoline. When finally closing the books on leaded auto gasoline in 1996, the Administrator of the EPA recognized, ...

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New dangers for the Hudson River

Jun. 25, 2013 / Posted by: Adam Russell / Categories: Blog / Tags: Guest post

The decades-long fight to protect the lower Hudson River in New York City from habitat destruction and overdevelopment has heated up with several recent developments: (1) Amendments that enormously weaken the state law governing the area passed th...

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