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Court Rules Against Genetically Engineered Corn & Sugarcane Prodigene, Monsanto Experimental Plantings Threaten Hawaii’s Native Plants & Consumer Safety

Posted Oct. 30, 2008 / Posted by: RConnors

The U.S. District Court for the District of Hawaii ruled on Friday that the U.S. Department of Agriculture violated both the National Environmental Policy Act and the Endangered Species Act when the agency authorized the planting of sugarcane and corn genetically engineered to produce biopharmaceuticals.   

In a case brought by Friends of the Earth, the Center for Food Safety and the Pesticide Action Network, Judge J. Michael Seabright found that the law was violated when Monsanto, ProdiGene, Hawai'i Agriculture Research Center, and Garst Seed were permitted to plant corn and sugarcane genetically modified to contain hormones, vaccines, or proteins when harvested.

These experimental crops had been planted in open fields and could have readily cross-pollinated with fields planted with food crops.  The unwitting release of hormones, vaccines or other medicines into the food supply could have serious health consequences. These crops also pose a threat to Hawaii’s 329 endangered and threatened species.


Click here for a copy of the judge’s ruling.

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