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Our news releases are where you can find some of the latest news and breaking updates from our campaigns for climate and energy solutions, safe food and technology, healthy oceans and ecosystems and economic policies that put people before polluters, as well as statements on behalf of our organization made by our president, Erich Pica.

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Report Calls for Abandoning Bungled Nuclear Project in South Carolina

Jul. 18, 2017 / Posted by: Patrick Davis / Categories: Climate and Energy, News Releases / Tags: Nuclear, Nuclear energy, Nuclear power, Nuclear reactors, South carolina

COLUMBIA, S.C. – An in-depth economic analysis released today documents that a problem-plagued nuclear reactor construction project in South Carolina must be abandoned. The report concludes that money imprudently spent on the project must be...

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Consumer Watchdog, Environmental Organizations Demand Congress to Reject Nuclear Bailout

Jun. 20, 2017 / Posted by: Friends of the Earth / Categories: Climate and Energy, News Releases / Tags: Bailouts, Ben schreiber, Big money, Congress, Nuclear energy, Nuclear power, Nuclear reactors, Subsidies

Thirteen environmental and consumer watchdog organizations urge members of Congress to oppose a bill to bail out the nuclear industry after troubled investments in new projects in the southern U.S.

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