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Poetry Contest Calls Out Discovery for Sponsoring Sarah Palin’s New “Nature” Series

Posted Apr. 21, 2010 / Posted by: Nick Berning

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Poetry Contest Calls Out Discovery for Sponsoring Sarah Palin’s New 'Nature' Series
Washington, D.C.—More than 3,600 people across the country have voted in a poetry contest hosted by Friends of the Earth that berates Discovery Communications for teaming up with Sarah Palin on a new nature documentary series, Sarah Palin’s Alaska. Palin will receive more than $1 million per episode.
Participants submitted senryu, short poems similar to haiku in structure, but with a focus on human-nature interaction.
More than 1,600 entries were submitted. All entries will be hand delivered to Discovery headquarters with the winning submission on top of the list. Here is the winning senryu by Lee Rowan from Columbus, Ohio:
Palin's Alaska:
Oil spills, animal corpses
Naught to Discover
Click here to see the top ten entries.
Friends of the Earth Director of Public Advocacy Nick Berninghad the following statement:
“For a company that has built its reputation on giving viewers the facts on scientific and natural realities, we find Discovery’s decision to give Sarah Palin a soapbox a disturbing about-face. Discovery stands to alienate much of its potential audience by giving her a show.
Palin supported the barbaric practice of aerial wolf hunting for sport. She also denies outright that humans are contributing to climate chaos. We don’t think this makes her an expert on the natural world in any sense.”
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