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Local residents voice concerns about reactors in advance of NRC chairman visit

Posted Apr. 6, 2012 / Posted by: Becca Connors

This morning, standing on the dunes above the Pacific Ocean near the San Onofre nuclear reactor site, San Onofre Safety, San Clemente Green, ROSE and other local groups held a press conference ahead of the afternoon visit to the reactors from the NRC chairman, Greg Jazcko.

The groups organized the event to raise public concerns about the recent string of safety issues regarding the reactors' steam generator tubes -- and the need to get real answers about why the tubes were thinning at an extremely unusual rate.

The message was simple: the public deserves complete transparency and a root cause analysis of the current safety problems before the reactors can be brought back online. There is certainly a feeling that residents want and expect the NRC chair to say something more than mere platitudes in response to the serious problems facing the reactors.


Press from the event

NBC: Nuclear Regulatory Commission chair visits San Onofre plant

Materials for press

Materials made available to press included a summary of and a copy of the Fairewinds technical assessment of the reactors' safety problems, a letter to Independent System Operator by Dave Freeman, and the press statement for the event.

Video of the event

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