Economics for the Earth Publications

  • Green Scissors 2003

    Green Scissors 2003 outlines 68 recommendations that would do much to protect our natural resources, reduce unnecessary government spending by more than $58 billion, and help guide our nation towards a more sustainable economic and ecological future.

  • Green Scissors 2002

    This report describes 78 programs that Congress and the administration should cut.

  • Green Scissors 2001

    The Green Scissors Campaign highlights programs for reform in the following six sectors: agriculture, energy, international and military programs, public lands, transportation and water.

  • Green Scissors 2000

    This report presents five new recommendations not included in earlier Green Scissors Campaign reports.

  • Letter to Sen. Maria Cantwell and Sen. Susan Collins

    Letter in support of the Carbon Limits and Energy for America’s Renewal Act.

  • We're polluting. They're already paying.

    Ad supporting a strong U.S. role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and providing funding for adaptation.

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