Economics for the Earth Publications

  • Letter to President Bush

    Letter asking that the United States work collaboratively with G8 partners in support of the urgent action that is required to address critical links between global warming and global poverty.

  • Green Scissors 2004

    The Green Scissors 2004 report focuses on a few particularly egregious policies and programs that should be addressed immediately.

  • Green Scissors 2003

    Green Scissors 2003 outlines 68 recommendations that would do much to protect our natural resources, reduce unnecessary government spending by more than $58 billion, and help guide our nation towards a more sustainable economic and ecological future.

  • Green Scissors 2002

    This report describes 78 programs that Congress and the administration should cut.

  • Green Scissors 2001

    The Green Scissors Campaign highlights programs for reform in the following six sectors: agriculture, energy, international and military programs, public lands, transportation and water.

  • Green Scissors 2000

    This report presents five new recommendations not included in earlier Green Scissors Campaign reports.

  • Letter to Sen. Maria Cantwell and Sen. Susan Collins

    Letter in support of the Carbon Limits and Energy for America’s Renewal Act.

  • We're polluting. They're already paying.

    Ad supporting a strong U.S. role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and providing funding for adaptation.

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