Fall 2015

Local activists: Our champions of change

Friends of the Earth’s Bee Action campaign is driving change across the country thanks in large part to the thousands of volunteers that helped protect the bees this summer. Collaborating like a hive, they spread the word that bees are responsible for every one in three bites of our food and are essential to our ecosystems.

These volunteers, or bee-activists, compelled Ace Hardware and True Value, the third and fourth largest home improvement retailers in the U.S., to say they are willing to eliminate bee-killing pesticides in their products by 2019. Each beeactivist educated their community, made phone calls, organized protests and delivered letters, and because of their efforts, the retailers are starting to listen.

Also in this issue: Aircraft on the hot seat, Why democracy matters to the environment, and the revolving door.

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Let's get to work

It's time to #BeeBold and take action in our own backyards and beyond.

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