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From time to time, Friends of the Earth creates online tools and resources to provide activists with the information they need to be advocates on specific issues.

Oil and gas subsidies toolkit

Each year, the federal government gives away more than $10 billion in tax breaks to oil and gas companies. These polluting industries are already raking in record profits -- it’s an outrageous waste of taxpayer dollars to pay them for damaging our environment.

The action toolkit -- 5 ways you can help end oil and gas subsidies -- will give you tips on pressuring your members of Congress to end these giveaways.

Campaign for GE-Free Seafood action kit

The FDA is moving closer to approving the AquAdvantage salmon, a salmon genetically engineered to grow faster and larger. This fish would be the first GE animal approved for human consumption, and would likely not be labeled. To avoid confusion at the marketplace and ensure consumers' right to know, we've launched the Campaign for Genetic Engineering (GE)-Free Seafood.

Activists can use this action tool kit to learn more about genetically engineered seafood, pressure their local grocery store to join the campaign and share a petition supporting GE-free seafood.

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